Using Solar Energy to Generate Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and powers our greatest energy production source, familiar to all of us – the SUN. Hydrogen itself makes up 75% of the universes elemental mass, obviously not all of it is on earth. You can convert solar to fuel online.

But how can we use hydrogen as a fuel. Hydrogen, like fossil fuels is an explosive gas. When it combines in an explosive reaction with oxygen it produces only one element – WATER. In other words there are no toxic outputs.

It is not all rosy though for our friend Mr Hydrogen, since there are cost and efficiency factors involved in making hydrogen fuel a reality. There are a number of possibilities, such as producing hydrogen from bio-products like manure and waste material, producing hydrogen from water and others.

Some researchers in Australia are looking at a radical new way of using a catalyst (a substance that encourages a chemical reaction by its own properties) Рtitanium dioxide Рto assist hydrogen and oxygen from separating within water to produce pure hydrogen gas. This hydrogen is then used to power fuel cells and make electricity.  Electrons are then drawn from the fuel cell catalyst layer to power the load. Proton who travel to the cathode through the membrane then combine with oxygen that goes into the fuel cell and create water. Interesting stuff, huh?

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