The Importance of Scuba Diving

Diving having a spouse (or friend) means that there’s somebody to help if you experience problems submerged. For the machine to operate correctly, but you and your friend have to run your own briefing prior to a dip and verify that all equipment is working correctly.

Making Buddy Checks

Before the onset of the dip, get together with your friend and build your equipment and place it on. There’s not any specific order to try it, but many scuba diversĀ discover this to prevent touching anything, it’s beneficial to develop a regular.

The Importance of Scuba Dive

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When you’re both satisfied up and before both of you enter the water, then you should conduct a friend check-sit or stand beside your friend and carefully assess each other’s equipment, after the arrangement is shown below.

1. Check BCs so that you and your friend know where each other’s inflation and deflation factors are, and be certain they are working. Do the exact same for dry suits, if worn.

2. Check that weights are found and firmly fastened. You and your friend have to be particularly alert to how each other’s weights have been published if either diver is incapacitated.

3. Check harness is secure and note where, on your buddy’s kit, key fastening points and harness release clips are located, and how they are operated.

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