Benefits of Green Tea on Skin Care

Tea is the most popular beverage in the world after water. It has been keeping people healthy and happy for thousands of years. Modern research has shown that billions of people have not been wrong.

Approximately 25% of the dry weight of tea consists of polyphenols, antioxidants that are up to 100 times more powerful than Vitamin C and E. One among them – ECGC – has been shown to kill cancer cells while leaving surrounding cells untouched. You can buy cannabis tea bags for sale from various online sources.

These findings have led researchers to focus where ECGC most abundant, namely in green tea. But whether you drink white tea, green, or black, you get a potent cocktail of healing compounds that can improve the health and beauty, and lift your mood.

Tea skincare benefits occur because:

  • Tea suppress enzyme which causes collagen and elastin details
  • Tea reduces inflammation
  • Tea scavenges free radicals and reduces oxidative stress
  • Tea can be absorbed either by drinking or directly through the skin.

Happy Tea Mixed Berry

Two cups of tea a day, ideally without milk, will provide a tremendous dose of antioxidants that can lead to:

  • Skin firm and elastic
  • Skin with less sagging and wrinkles
  • Slow skin aging
  • Freedom from skin eruptions and irritations
  • decreases acne
  • For some people, help with rosacea
  • Protection from skin cancer

Green tea extract is now available, containing large amounts of ECGC and other polyphenols. It can be taken as a supplement for a whole host of reasons, including a significant reduction of the risk of contracting one of the “big four” killers – stroke, heart failure, cancer, and diabetes.

Green Tea to Lose Weight

What could be easier than losing weight by drinking a few cups of tea every day? Can you really see results with something simple? The fact is that green tea can help you with your weight loss goals, but you still have to do some work, that means watching what you eat and get enough physical activity.

Green tea for weight loss is preferred by many because it is safe and does not involve any risky approach. You are not required to starve yourself and be able to eat normally, but of course, you will have to make sense and do your part by eating sensibly. You can buy a happy tea to lose weight through

This is because it has a natural fat burning property, including antioxidant and a light amount of caffeine. You can use this approach is a very simple diet to eat reasonably healthy and some amount of exercise, and then regularly taking or drinking tea. Another benefit is that it can actually help you burn body fat.


The caffeine in tea is not the main reason that it helps you burn fat. Studies have shown a high level of antioxidants of green tea has a greater effect on your metabolism than caffeine. Tea without caffeine would, therefore, have the same effect as the usual range.

The main overall benefits of tea are that the process of your body back to normal as tea helps you on so many levels. If you get into the habit of consuming, and also take measures other reasonable to reduce your weight, you will find that it is very effective.

Green tea is available as a tea, of course, and also in the capsule; but make sure you get in the habit of taking each day so you can enjoy the maximum benefits. Almost no better way to get started with losing weight and become healthier and today was just a good day to start as any.