Know about New Styles in Asiatic Wool Rugs

Wool rugs have always been a staple in the Irish House, but brands such as Asiatic Carpets Ltd has been working on the popularity of the floor covering, by introducing a range of fashion orientated into the collection.

If you already have a penchant for natural wool carpets and wanted to explore some of the trendiest styles in it, explore the Asiatic floor coverings. Stocked with fresh pieces, inspired by the creativity around, like carpet directly adds to the comfort and fill the house with color, personality, and character.

In recent times, the Asiatic has enriched the collection with six different styles. Let us examine them in this article and find their compatibility to stay.


It’s no secret that the demand for traditional woolen carpets has declined among homeowners, giving way to modern floor coverings to take place. Asiatic has done justice to the same to expand its portfolio with a range of modern rugs.

If you glance through them, you will explore an exemplary piece, depicting bold color blocks, linear design and geometric motifs, all over its surface. Some of the best geometric abstract rug under this category is Dash, Blox, and Saturn.


Now, who does not like complicated patterns on the floor covering! We all do, but sometimes add a plain carpet at home, working wonders at the level of elegance. Moreover, they are easily stylish and the epitome of sophistication. Add it to the house is like throwing a blank canvas, which would easily allow an eclectic set of furniture and soft furnishings to stand out.


Elevate the style quotient in your room with textured wool carpet. raised viscose patterns floating on the contrast material, it will not only increase the level of comfort but also offers the feel of soft underfoot.

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