Why is it Important to Recycle X-Rays?

Every year doctors across the country find themselves in need of space to keep their records. Usually, those in the medical field are required to keep their records for 5 to 7 years after their last contact. The files must be stored in a safe place or storage facility.

As a result, doctors often look for ways to find more space in an already-developed space with equipment and records. You can also buy X-Ray envelopes online.

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Then, when you think about inventory costs – especially those used and – in theory – are no longer used, you can find ways to stretch your budget while getting space in your office and still sticking to it. One way is to recycle x-rays.

Although at first, this may seem like a strange thing to recycle, it is actually quite useful and a great way to get more space at the same time. The process is simple, doctors and clinics can submit old, worn-out x-rays to x-ray recycling providers and the companies will tear the film to protect patient privacy.

Of course, the x-ray component is PET plastic. When you just throw an x-ray, you throw valuable silver and plastic into a landfill. Both items can be recycled – not to mention envelopes and documents that might be packed with the same X-rays!

Remember that recycling X-rays in this way offers significant benefits for people and the environment – better health. Remember, silver cannot be digested.

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