Why Food Tastes More Flavorful When Cooked with Wine?


We watch cooking shows where amateur and professionals chefs add wine during the time of cooking a dish. There is one simple reason which is to improve the flavor and not just a fancy way of showing-off. If you’re wondering how, then these are a few reasons as to why adding wine improves the flavor of the dish.

  1. Presence of Alcohol – Wines contain some content of alcohol which in turn improves the flavor of the food upon adding. This happens because there are unique flavors inside the ingredient which gets released on adding wine. For instance; when a sauce is made, wine is added to make the sauce more richer and creamier in terms of taste.
  2. Presence of Acidity Level – You simply cannot add a wine to make any kind of sauce. For instance; making a tomato sauce requires a wine such as Chianti. This is because tomatoes are comprised of high levels of acid which makes the sauce more flavorful by adding a wine comprising of the same acidity level.
  3. Tannin Level – Tannins are nothing but the addition of the stem, skin, and seeds of grapes used to make wine. Moreover, it is about the dry sensation that is offered by the tannin level of the wine that makes the dish smoother and softer. For instance; grab a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon if you wish to cook meat.

These are a few reasons as to why food tastes great by adding wine. Learn more on such topics by visiting swan valley wine tours.

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