Weather Proofing Your Jacksonville Florida Roof

Weatherproofing your roof is a extremely important aspect if you want to save dollars on heating and cooling. The interior temperature of your home will be more consistent and comfortable if you weather proof it. Also by weatherproofing you keep water out of the home from heavy rains. For additional tips on how to protect your roof, visit Florida Roofing Pros.

So, by taking a little time and sealing your home you will stay dry and the indoor temperature will be consistent. Ok, you now know the advantages of weather proofing your home. Lets now look at the best methods to use to implement these improvements.

Caulking is one of the best tools you can use to make your home and roofmore weather resistant. There is a wide variety of caulking available so you should check with your local building center to find out which best suits your needs. Caulk can be used for a variety of purposes, it can fill cracks, holes, seams, and great for bathtubs and toilets. If you plan on painting over your repair areas make sure to purchase a paintable caulk, as some varieties are not paintable.

Weather stripping is another great item to purchase. You can use this to weather proof doors and windows for sealing around them. These areas are of most concern as much of the outside air that enters the home is through windows and doors


Most weather stripping is peal and stick and will adhere to the area to keep it insulated. There are also different types of weatherstripping so you should ask your home improvement store which is best for your needs.

Since you hard at work to weatherproof your home, you should check the attic for adequate insulation. If its not adequately insulated you may need to upgrade and add more insulation, as cold and hot air can travel through these unprotected areas. The windows themselves are very important when weatherproofing is considered. If you have old single pane windows you may want to consider either replacing them or installing storm windows.

By implementing a few simple steps to protect your home from the weather, you will create a more energy efficient home by the use of weatherproof techniques. If you are not very handy, you can always consider hiring an affordable roofing contractor in jacksonvilel fl to do the job for you.

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