Dyeable Shoes: The Perfect Way To Match Any Type Of Outfit

Most brides-to-be are stunned when they found out how many types of white actually exist. According to experts, there are at least five main colors of white used in the wedding day.

There is a stark white or white light, white champagne, ivory, wax and ecru. Of course, there are dozens of different shades, either lighter or darker, for each of the primary colors and also white.


As you might imagine, this can create a problem when it comes to matching accessories. After all, the dress is available in hundreds of different shades of white, but not shoes and purses. In the past, this often means that the bride had to walk down the aisle with shoes and other accessories that do not quite fit in with their dress.

Now, some women may not mind inconsistency. But when you pay twenty-five thousand dollars for your wedding, most brides-to-be want everything to be perfect. Dyeable shoes or custom bridal shoes are a simple solution to this problem.

Sold most bridal boutiques and salons, dyeable wedding shoes are made of a special type of white satin designed to receive the dyes. Dyes can be adapted to any white color and coating will not change the look or feel of the fabric.

If you are interested in obtaining a perfect match, the first thing you should do is ask the seller to show dyeable shoes. Only a fraction of wedding shoes, in fact, are dyeable. These shoes are only slightly more expensive than non-dyeable models.