Most Popular Roof Skylights for Residential Properties

If you are thinking of making some changes to your home to improve energy efficiency and brighten your interior, a glass roof is definitely a wise and useful consideration.

Not only do they help maintain the temperature in the room, keeping it warm in winter and cooling in summer, they also add more natural light to the main residence of your house AND make the room look bigger.

When it comes to roofing, the first step is to contact a licensed roofing company to inspect your roof. there are many companies which help in installing a skylight roofing.

They will determine whether your roof system is a good candidate for skylight installation, and provide estimates and recommendations for the best actions for your property.

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Your next step will be another very important step: choosing the right skylight for your home. There are several options to choose from in the residential property market, but there appear to be three main types that lead in terms of consumer popularity.

This is a tubular, and ventilated. Below you will find the clearest pros and cons for each system, which can help you make decisions for your home.

Tubular Skylights

The tubular system is perfect for smaller rooms and spaces that require widening and brighter. Areas such as hallways, toilets, and public kitchens are used for tubular roof trusses because they are not directly connected to the roof.

Ventilated skylights

Also known as a dormer window, it opens on hinges so that homeowners can let outside air and light at their own discretion. There are various styles of ventilated systems that you can choose from, including flat, domed, arched, or pyramid.