The Evolution Of Pre-Construction Real Estate In Miami

Pre-construction investment in Miami is of particular interest because of the rate of appreciation of property prices over the last few years.

It has been observed that the average level where real estate prices have increased every year in Miami has close to twenty-five percent. You can also look for the most gracious luxury condos in Miami and Miami Beach.

This is probably one of the best markets to invest and actually have your money’s worth and more, on the whole Miami preconstruction real estate market has become one of the largest markets of the last few years to bloom.

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Looking at it in an amount, on the basis of figures provided is safe to assume that the investment of $ 100,000 in a $ 500,000 condo in pre-construction phase of the project in Miami could net in $ 100,000 in price appreciation in one year.

Down deposit required by the developers in preconstruction property is approximately 20%. Therefore a condo for $ 500,000 would require a down payment of $ 100,000; half must be paid at the time of the contract and the other half at the beginning of construction.

That’s saying a lot, your money will be guaranteed for sure. Simply put, the invested capital will get double every year.

It is one of the main reasons why investors locked their eyes on this market, the investment potential in the hands.