Flatfeet Of Children And How A Podiatrist Can Help In Maryland

Pediatric flatfoot is a situation in which the arch of the feet passes or narrows when the child is standing. If the arc does not appear on tiptoe, this is known as a rigid flatfoot. This condition is usually present at birth, but most children outgrow their own before the age of five. If this condition causes pain or does not resolve itself, it may be time to call a foot doctor in Reisterstown MD.

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Symptoms of pediatric flatfoot

Flat Feet symptoms can vary, depending on the type, severity, and the age of the child. When a child has a flexible foot disorder, it generally does not cause pain or discomfort and no treatment is required. 

Children with stiff legs interruption may have problems that require treatment by a podiatrist in Reisterstown MD. If pain occurs, it is usually felt in the feet, ankles, or lower legs, and can range from mild to severe. Other symptoms include cramps in the legs or feet, changes in gait, or heel that tilt upward.

Diagnosing problems

Pediatrician or podiatrist your child can usually give a diagnosis on examination. To make a proper diagnosis, the doctor may ask your child to sit, stand, sit, walk and stand on his tiptoes. 

If the problem seems severe, your doctor may also have X-rays taken of the foot to determine the extent of the deformity. If the ankle does not move much, the doctor may associate the condition with shortened or tight Achilles tendon, which may require additional treatment.