Travel Tips – Badian Canyoneering and Kawasan Falls Adventure

Canyoneering activity in the south of Cebu has been first widely known when a local TV network’s “Biyahe ni Drew” segment visit the area and exposed the beauty of the said tourist attraction.

In line of some issues regarding the rights of the Kanlaob River, Canyoneering has not yet solved by Badian and Alegria towns. The starting point had been divided into two; at the Compostela, Alegria – with a 15ft high entrance and at the Sulsogan, Badian – with a 4ft high entrance. Nevertheless, all tourist will meet up in the same route and end in Kawasan Falls – a 3-layered waterfall.

Things you should know 


The price of the Canyoneering activity as mandated by the local government is 1500 PHP per head. This includes 1 bottled water, lunch, aqua shoes, dry bag and pick up and drop off.

DOs and DON’Ts: 


  • wear life vests regardless of how good you swim, and helmets all the time.
  • wear proper footwear like trekking shoes or aqua shoes. The trail is not easy and you need a comfortable shoe to help you move easier.
  • always listen and follow your tour guide. They know better than you about what or where to step next or what’s best to do next.
  • hydrate before the activity or bring a drinkable water.
  • pack light and avoid unnecessary things to bring. It’s better to have little things to be able to move freely
  • canyoneering early so fewer people are there, it’s more fun to be able to do it on a lesser crowd.


  • jump anywhere you feel to, ask your tour guide first. It’s better to ask first before jumping, just to be safe.
  • throw trash anywhere, just put it in your pocket, and throw it afterwards when you see a trash bin. Please!
  • bring gadgets, that might get wet. If you really wanted to bring, put it in a reliable dry bag and your tour guide can hold it for you.


  1. Bring a dry bag with a sling for essentials only (if any). But is better not to carry anything, easier with your hands-free. Our Guides helped us carry our 2 bags when we do cliff jumping or water slide down.
  2. Wear proper shoes for an outdoor activity or rent one water boots at 20-50PHP/pair. There are many slippery rocks in the forest and you have to scramble, swim, etc, so it is best to wear covered sports shoes.
  3. Make sure well-rested the night before and have a breakfast before you go for Canyoneering, so you have the energy for the 5 hours canyoneering activity at Kawasan Falls. Otherwise, you will be feeling reluctant to finish the canyoneering or feeling exhausted during the journey.
  4. As the activity’s duration is very long and the latest time to start is around 2-3pm, so it’s best to start as early as possible. Do bring extra batteries and memory cards!
  5. Bring a sports camera! You might not want to miss capturing the moment when you take your biggest courage to jump 40ft high of a cliff with truly beautiful scenery.
  6. Follow and do exactly what your experienced guide say, like how to jump and which area to avoid, etc.
  7. Don’t hesitate when you are about to jump, you might get hurt by slipping down from the cliff.
  8. Keep your body straight when do cliff jumping so you will not get hurt when you hit the water.
  9. Water droplets and mist are you perfect photo killer! Be sure to have an anti-droplet solution for your lens!
  10. Bring some cash to buy some BBQ snacks at the halfway of Canyoneering, if you would like to.