What Is the Best Type of Loft Conversion for Your Home?

Having an attic conversion is a big step and one that requires a lot of thought and planning. Whether you have a large design to get a large bedroom with your own en-suite bathroom or gym, it’s important to realize that the size and layout of your attic may be different compared to friends or family who has completed a similar project.

The reality is that you might have smaller or larger rooms available in your attic than you expected. Depending on what you want to achieve, your attic maker must decide what type of conversion will meet your needs. You can also navigate online to get the services of installation of dormers in Nassau county

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There are several types of attic conversions, some of which are more common and popular than others.

Mansard Conversion

Such conversions are common in areas where space is at a premium level such as a city center or city because they hardly need work to be done outside the building, which means that planning permits and building regulations are kept to a minimum and rarely complicated.

Dormer Extension

Do you live on a small property and are afraid that your attic isn’t big enough to convert? If this happens, the dormer extension is what your builder will recommend.

Velux conversion

If your home is a registered building, in a conservation area or has building restrictions on it, the possibility of conversion of veluks is the only option available to you.