Important Things You Should Look For in an Accountant

At some point in time, every business needs accountant services. Are you an early-stage start-up looking for your first accountant, or a family business established looking for a new broom, you will find yourself searching the internet for large accounting practices to help you out.

But what makes a good accountant? And what are the key pointers you should look out for to make sure you hire the best adviser for you and your business?

To help you out, we have cribbed together five of the most important attributes of the perfect accountant you need to have. If you are looking for a reliable accountant for doctors, then you can also browse

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1. Knows more than just basic figures

Let’s face it, all qualified accountants should be able to do their job! And, at the most basic level, it is about helping to get bookkeeping and accounting in order.

The very minimum you should expect is helping to set up an accounting system that is well-organized, in addition to the preparation, review, and sign-off of the annual accounts and tax law.

But the modern accountant must know more than just the basic figures. So you have to look out for a company that can offer you a number analysis, regular management accounts, and more detailed advice and guidance on how to improve and enhance your business finances.

2. Listens to your viewpoint

Good ear listening is an important skill to look for in your accountant. A large company accountant may seem like a good option in some areas – but there is always the danger you get a ‘plug and play’ rather the formulation of the service in which you push into using their latest generic package.