Secrects About Powder Coating Process

In early China, organic dyestuff is put in clothing and chinaware dyeing. The writing brush, a distinctive pen in early China, becomes a guide spray coating instrument. With the growth of industrial engineering, manual spray tools that are not able to satisfy up with the requirement of this marketplace tend to acquire automatically.

As industrial automation is becoming a procedure, the use of the powder coat line becomes broadly utilized in several industry areas. Take more information about powder coating booth for sale through

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Spraying equipment, called coating equipment, can be used for metal and nonmetal surface protective coating or decorative coating. It’s the process of coating a coating where a powder substance is applied using an electrostatic or compressed air system, or on occasion a fluidized bed.

In compliance with the amount of automation, the spraying gear in the marketplace can be broken up into manual spraying gear, semi-automatic, and complete automated coating equipment; From the perspective of coating substance, it may be categorized as paint coating and powder coating equipment.

Ordinarily, the coating line has been split into two sorts. One is a spray-painting lineup and the other one is the powder coat line. The main gear of this painting line comprises pretreatment equipment, oven drying point, water-shower cupboard, air-supplying system, air purifying system, dust-free painting space, etc.

The construction of the powder coat line is closely linked to the coating procedure that has several measures.

Cleaning measure

You may start with the cleansing step, which can be abrasive blasting or chemical cleaning, to ensure that the substrate is free of any dirt, mill scale rust, oils, etc; the substrate has to be cleaned to prevent defects in the end and rejects from the clients’ dissatisfaction.

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