Is Thumb Sucking Bad for My Child’s Teeth?

At some point in the first few months of life, babies will use a thumb or a pacifier as a “security blanket.” Is this behavior continues depends on the individual child, and many will lose interest in sucking comfort when they find other ways to cope with and soothe yourself. For some babies though, they need to suck continues for many years. Get to know more about thumb sucking glove via reading online.

Experts weigh in on Thumb Sucking

Thumb-sucking has been a hot topic of debate since the beginning of time. Wealth expert opinion has run the gamut from “always let the child as his mother if she would like” to “never let a child sucking his thumb.”

These days, experts are more likely to meet in the middle – let the child suck thumb (or dot), but do not let it continue past the age of three or four. According to the AAPD Fast Facts, parents do not have to worry about thumb sucking – it is natural and normal. However, once the child reaches the age of pre-school, thumb sucking can cause misalignment of the jaw and teeth.

Help your child Comfort Stop Sucking Habit

Although most children outgrow the need to entertain your thumb or pacifier sucking them, sometimes parents have to intervene and help children break the habit. When should parents move? If the child is embarrassed by sucking in daycare or pre-school or if dental problems start showing up, it’s time to move.

If your child uses a pacifier, your task is a little easier because you can take it at times when you do not want your child to have. Begin by explaining that the big boys do not use a pacifier and make sure you tell him how proud you are that she grew up.

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