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The abilities of intranets have grown at high speed, to become a holistic and rich software platform – a far cry from their humble beginnings as hard to use and unattractive content management systems.

Nevertheless, some companies have been slow to respond and obtain the value that intranet software can provide – in short, businesses still view an intranet as a place to find information, rather than one in which their staff and partners will perform a significant amount of work. You can also get best intranet solutions for business via

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Several factors have driven growth of intranets:

  • The rise of cloud computing and delivery of software as a utility, encouraging a web-based mindset at various levels of the business.
  • The requirements of staff to access corporate data from mobile devices.

However companies have in some cases been slow to leverage the capabilities of intranet software, largely due to:

  • Lack of involvement of web teams in higher level corporate strategy.
  • Lack of general understanding of intranets.
  • Slowness to embrace a rapidly changing world.
  • Inertia due to investment in local software, associates’ skills, infrastructure, and data.
  • Training and generational issues in the workforce.

Modern intranet and extranet platforms:

  • Offer appropriate processes to key suppliers and partners.
  • Engage with users rather than push information for them to simply consume.
  • Deliver custom intranet software applications that either leverage the intellectual property of the business or at least provide effective review of processed data.

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