How Green Tea Keeps Our Body Energized?

Coffee is the most preferred drink when loads of work piles up at the office. This beverage is also preferred when people freak out due to workload or any other stress.

Though coffee offers some relief from stress, over the long run, it can raise possibilities of hypertension and may infect certain glands in your body. It is advisable to switch over to ‘organic green tea’ (which is called¬†‘th vert bio‘ in the French language)¬†for maintaining a healthy body.

Nowadays, people live a fast life and they need health solutions that can be executed or implemented in a short time. That is why people who are health-conscious purchase green cha online. There are a few variants of green cha that you can find online. Each variant tastes different. Here are some tips that you need to follow for choosing the best brew of green tea online:

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Choose Sugar-Free Green Tea

Green tea can be consumed under chilled condition. That is why some cha manufacturing companies add sugar to the tea for enhancing the taste. The addition of sugar to green cha does impart health benefit to the drinker as the calorie intake rises.

Take a Note on Antioxidant Content

Before purchasing green tea online, you should make a note on antioxidants present in it. EGCG is the prime antioxidant present in this cha. It reduces chances of high blood sugar, HPV virus infection, atherosclerosis and cancer.

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