Causes Of Heartburn Problem

If somehow you are suffering from the heartburn problem, then you must ask a question from yourself that, what the reason behind this is. We all are well aware of the feeling of uneasiness that is caused by heartburn and even originates a few of the serious problems related to stomach.

The doctors at assist the individuals in finding the root cause of the problem along with the reasons of heartburn. Few of the things are mentioned below because of which people are facing this kind of problem in their day to day life.


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Caffeine And Chocolate:

Every drink that has the components of the caffeine in it such as soda, coffee, tea and so on, these all are capable of raising the heartburn problem, as it relaxes the LES in the human body.

Fatty And Oily Foods:

Fatty and oily food is also considered as a big supplier to heartburn for lots of people. Food like this, in reality, slow down the process of digestion and let the food to remain in the stomach for a long time.

Alcohol And Tobacco:

The first and foremost thing is that these two substances are injurious to our health. These two kinds of stuff are composed of such kind of chemicals that show the way to the recreation of the LES.

Citrus Fruits And Juices:

Any fruit or vegetable that contains citric acid is also identified as the heartburn problem. In many cases, it is not actually that acid that creates a burning feeling, instead they have a direct effect on the LES.

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