Best Ways To Extend The Life Of Your videojet inkjet Printer

A lot of people often think that the quality of their inkjet printer will be a guarantee for the average lifetime of their device. This opinion basically is correct, but you should also notice that improper care could make your printer device quickly out of order. Therefore, knowing more about the proper care to keep the performance of the inkjet printer and its cartridges in great condition is really important.

There are several ways to take care of your videojet inkjet printer and its cartridges. First, pay attention to the replacement of the cartridge. You should immediately replace the cartridge when it is getting empty. You have to notice that ink is not only an important item to print your documents.

Ink also acts like lubricant oil for the head of the print. If you let a cartridge in a certain color empty, the residual ink might be clogged in the head of the printer and might block it permanently. If this problem happens to your cartridge, you will never be able to print on that certain color anymore. Besides, if you print documents with a color missing, you could damage the head of your printer.

The next thing you need to do in taking care of your printer is leaving your device turned on. Usually, the printer sends the signal to cycle the ink in order to prevent clogging ink in the heads. Meanwhile, when you are turning off your device, it will do cleaning next time you turn the device on and it wastes a lot of ink.

Therefore, it will be great to leave your printer on. You should not worry about your electricity bill since leaving your device only needs very little power. Besides, you should also notice that turning off your device in an extended period of time will shorten the life of your inkjet printer.

However, when you feel that you do really need to turn off your printer, make sure that you do it by pushing or switching the on-off button of the printer. Proper shutdown phases will help your printer to clean the residual ink from the head and close off the heads. Therefore, the clogged ink problem will not happen to your printer.

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