Best Time to Visit Jerusalem

The best time to visit Jerusalem when the crowd is in April and May and October and November. Some suggest not traveling to Jerusalem during major celebrations such as Sukkoth or Easter; however, you can still enjoy an amazing vacation even during these times if you have the right company that manages your entire vacation.

Learning more about the weather you can expect in Jerusalem can be a determining factor when you want to travel. Let’s look at the different seasons and what you can expect.¬†You can click here for more information about the day trips from Jerusalem through

Winter in Jerusalem is from December to March. The city has a slightly cooler temperature with heavy rainfall. During this time, accommodation is often cheaper so it might be good for a tight budget.

There are holidays during this time that your family might enjoy being part of the celebration including Marathon, Chanukah, International Book Fair, and Easter.

Spring is during April and May. The weather offers more sunshine and comfortable temperatures, which bring residents and tourists alike. Hotels and other rented accommodations usually offer offers during this time, because this is not the peak time of tourists in the area. However, those who visit Jerusalem for religious tours often come at this time for Easter and Easter celebrations.

Summer is the most popular time to visit Jerusalem, which falls between June and September if you like hot temperatures and many sunny days.

Rental properties are usually more expensive during the summer because this is when most tourists come to visit and are known as the peak tourist season. During the summer months, the Jerusalem Film Festival and high holy days are celebrated.

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