All You Need To Know About Scoliosis

Scoliosis is referred to as curving of the spine unexpected ways. The spine or backbone in our body straight, but if you see someone suffering from scoliosis, you will notice that the shape of the spine is something like that of a “C” or “S”.

Our backbone or spine is what controls the movement of our bodies. You can get to know about scoliosis surgery via

What causes scoliosis?

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This is something that is gradually evolving once the body begins to grow. Starting from adolescence and continues until the body reaches the highest growth boundary after a certain age. This is something that is common among women more than men because of the weaker bone density. Unless the disease is diagnosed early, there is a possibility that it can affect the body’s vital organs such as the lungs and heart and also restrict you from performing daily activities and make you less active.

How to diagnose scoliosis?

While you see someone who has the correct postures like shoulder or hips higher on only one side, you will understand that individuals suffering from this disease.

No proper wearing off from ill-fitting shoes or clothing can also be a symptom of illness. The disease can be something hereditary in which it runs in families in which nearly all the members suffer from the disease. Improper posture while at work or during sleep can also cause such problems in the spine.

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